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The Creation of Theory and Method of Virtual Geographic Environments

Approval Year: 2007
Leader: Guonian Lv
Members: Guonian Lv, Guo’an Tang, Yehua Sheng,  Xuejun Liu, Yong Zha, Yunmei Li, Yi Long,  Xueying Zhang, Linwang Yuan, Min Wang, Shuliang Zhang, Shuo Li


Virtual Geographic Environment System is a new generation of geographic information system. It was created by the team leaders Guonian Lv and Hun Lin, a professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, during their post-doctoral research period at the University of Toronto in the early 1990s.At present, its initial concept is clear and its structure and function have also begun to take shape. Gradually, it has become to be recognized by experts and peers in the field of geographic information science after more than ten years of development.
Because of the limitation of cognition and technology, in the field of mechanism and method for creating a virtual geographic environment, the research is still not deep enough and the method is not enough to support spatial decision-making yet.
Main features:

  1. It still lacks an effective data model and a spatial data organization mode which supports the description, expression, analysis and simulation of real 3D geo spatial entities and phenomena.
  2. There is also still a lack of support for the services and distribution of geographic model library and a mechanism the construction of composite geographic analysis model by model component. In a distributed network environment, it is in lack of a coordination and scheduling mechanism for multi user interaction in the same geographic scenarios. So it is difficult to realize collaborative work and group decision-making.

In view of this situation, based on long-term research and practice, the team aimed at the key theories, methods and technical problems in the construction of virtual geographic environment and has finally made a breakthrough. They reinforced the theoretical basis, innovated the research methods and developed the key technologies. In July 2007,they applied to the Jiangsu provincial Department of Education for excellent team of scientific and innovation of institutions of higher learning ---“The Creation of Theory and Method of Virtual Geographic Environments”, and obtained approval and funding for their project.
According to the task book of scientific research project of the excellent sci-tech innovation team, its main task is to carry out research on the key theory and technology in the following three aspects:

  1. Rapid acquirement of three dimensional spatial data and multi-source and multi-scale data fusion;
  2. Integration of geographic application analysis model and virtual geographic environment system;
  3. Theory and method of digital terrain analysis

Its goal is to make the team be in the lead at home and also reach an internationally advanced level.

Representative Achievements

Won a Second Tier Prize of the Ministry of Education Natural Science Award, a National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award, a Third Tier Prize and two Second Tier Prizes of the State Geomatics Scientific and Technological Progress Award .