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State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base of Geographical Environment Evolution (Jiangsu Province)

Director: Guonian Lv
Secretary: Jieyu Zhou


State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base of Geographical Environment Evolution (Jiangsu Province) is based on Nanjing Normal University. It combines with the National Key Disciplines of Cartography and Geographic Information System, National Key Discipline of Human Geography (cultivated), Jiangsu Provincial Key Discipline of Geographic Information System as well as Jiangsu Provincial Key Disciplines of Geography,  Postdoctoral Station of Geography as the supporting platform, combines the Key Laboratory of Police Geographic Information Technology (The Ministry of Public Security) and Geographic Information Engineering Technology Center of Jiangsu Province, thus building an innovative research team incorporated with national outstanding youth fund achiever, "Yangtze River" scholar of the Ministry of Education and China's Medium- and Long-Term Talent Development Plan. In recent years, the laboratory took more than 40 items including the national 973 and 863 project, national scientific and technological support and other major projects, 76 items including major project of national social science fund, national natural science fund (outstanding youth fund, key and outstanding youth fund projects), more than 540 scientific research and technological development projects, the total research fund reached more than 0.281 billion yuan. And it has achieved a number of domestic and international research results with 3 state-level awards and 16 provincial and ministerial level awards. The results have been selected in the first ten technology development progress and national basic research news in higher school.

Research Interests

  • Geographical environment evolution and space-time process reconstruction
  • Cycles of biogenic elements and regional environmental response
  • Geographic information mechanism and geographic modeling simulation
  • Virtual geographical environment dynamic monitoring and control

Major Achievements in Recent Five Years

  • Study on the mechanism of active nitrogen and its impact on air quality and climate change, The National 973 Project, 2014
  • The last glaciation period since China middle east ministry of extreme climate events and origin of agriculture development and human adaptation research, The National 973 Project 2015.
  • The construction mode of the earth system affecting the integration of human activities, The National 973 Project, 2014
  • Climate change drive factor analysis and simulation diagnosis on formation mechanism of the typical warm period, The National 973 Project
  • Parallel technology and middle ware digital terrain analysis, The National 863 Project
  • High-resolution drinking water environment remote sensing monitoring technology development and application demonstration research, high-resolution earth observation system of major projects, 2012
  • Spatial unified data model theory and method based on the algebraic geometry, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012
  • Soil nitrogen cycle, The national outstanding youth fund, 2013
  • Stable isotope and trace element investigation of two contemporaneous annually-laminated stalagmites from northeastern China surrounding the “8.2ka event”, Climate of the Past, 2012
  • High-resolution stalagmite δ18O records of Asian monsoon changes in central and southern China spanning the MIS 3/2 transition,Earth and Planetary Science Letters,2010