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Research Institute of Moral Education, Nanjing Normal University

The RIME.NNU was founded in August, 1994 and reorganized in June, 1999. It was officially approved by the Ministry of Education on Sept. 25, 2000 as one of the 100 key research bases for human and social science studies.


Moral education in Nanjing Normal University has a long cultural tradition. Along with the development of the University the pioneers Mr. Xingzhi Tao and Mr. Heqin Chen proposed the ideas of "life education" and "live education." The idea of "emphasis on students" was proposed by Mrs. Yifang Wu. These educational conceptions have influenced several generations of teachers and are rooted deeply in the teachers' educational ideas and research methods in Nanjing Normal University. Since the reform and opening-up policy, it became one of the first pilot projects to offer Ph.D. programs in teacher education at the tertiary level in the whole country. It is also one of the units to enroll the students whose research is geared toward moral education. Up to now a number of doctorate students have studied or are studying moral education. The post-doctoral research station has enrolled 7 post-doctors.


The institute is to be a first-class center with an international reputation for academic research, academic exchange, elite cultivation, and a counseling and information sharing service in China.


The present director of the institute is Professor Desheng Gao. The academic leaders in this field are: Prof. Jie Lu, Prof. Hua Ban , Prof. Shenghong Jin, Prof. Xiaoman Zhu and etc. There are 22 full-time and part-time researchers, both from domestic and abroad.

Facilities and Resource Center

The center has a total of 340 square meters, of which 260 square meters are for offices, and 80 square meters are devoted to a reference room. Inside, there are over 18000 books written in Chinese language, 6100 books written in English and other languages, and 75 kinds of periodicals and magazines.