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Research Base for Private Economy of Jiangsu Province

Research Base for Private Economy of Jiangsu Province was approved by the leading group of philosophy and social science of Jiangsu Province in November, 2011 as one of the 26 key research bases for philosophy and social science study in Jiangsu. These research bases were established for providing long-term stable platforms and effective mechanisms of consulting service with the aim to ensure that the Jiangsu provincial committee and government can make decisions and the economy of Jiangsu province can develop in a more scientific way. By increasing the social application rate of their research achievements, they can also make the philosophy and social science become thought sources for motivating the whole scientific development.In the meantime, they make the philosophy and social science focus on the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress in Jiangsu province,aim at the target of building a higher-level comprehensive well-off society and set foot on the basic realization of modernization. Moreover, by analyzing new situations,studying new problems, exploring new practice and summarizing new experiences, these bases can produce more research fruit of decision-making consulting with Jiangsu’s characteristics.

The Research Base for Private Economy of Jiangsu Province is located in Business School of Nanjing Normal University and conducts researches relying on the discipline of ecomomy and the discipline of management. At present,there are 23 researchers at the base including 9 professors,10 associate professors and 4 instructors. The whole team has actively carried out various types of research and obtained many high quality achievements since the establishment of the base by focusing on themes like innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises,transformation and upgrading of private economy, innovative development of private economy, talents demand for the development of private economy, mode selection and improvement of ’going global ’ for private economy and so on. The Research Base for Private Economy of Jiangsu Province also reports study results actively through various methods to offer local Party and the government effective and scientific consultative services so they make great achievements regarding the development of private economy. Many of their findings have been attached great importance by top leaders of the Communist Party and the government of Jiangsu province.