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Key Laboratory of Virtual Geographic Environment (Nanjing Normal University), Ministry of Education

Director: Guonian Lv
Secretary: Jieyu Zhou


Targeting the purpose of "rooted in geography, serving the geography and develop the geography", depending on a comprehensive study of geography based on geographic information mechanism and the first-class geography discipline, supported by Key laboratory of Environmental Evolution and Ecological Construction in Jiangsu Province, Key Laboratory of Jiangsu Geographical Information Science, Jiangsu Center for Collaborative Innovation in Geographical Information Resource Development and Application, this laboratory forms a virtual geographical environment theory, method, platform and application study of sequence, which has provided an important base for geography scientific research, new methods and new technology research & development and high-level personnel training in China. The laboratory in the meantime made a significant breakthrough in geographical environment process and evolution mechanism, virtual geographical environment theory and method, geographic system modeling simulation and so on. Since the establishment of the laboratory in 2005, it has published eight thesis in Nature and Science (first-author 4 thesis), 3 PNAS thesis (first author 2 thesis). The research staffs in the laboratory took a series of 973, 863 projects, science and technology project, the national natural sciences fund for more than 40 items and received four honor titles for national science and technology and scientific progress prizes. It developed the basic geographic information platform and industry application system, supported and incubated more than ten high-tech enterprises; it developed GIS system for the official history, genealogy and archaeological society and so on, which has made important contributions to the regional social and economic development, cultural heritage and national security.

Research Interests

  • The theory and method of virtual geographic environment system
  • The evolution and reconstruction of historical geographical environment
  • Monitoring and mechanism modeling of geographical environment
  • Comprehensive simulation and decision analysis of geographical system

Major Achievements in Recent Five Years

  • Track inter-annual variability of East Asian monsoon climate and driving mechanism during 200000 years, National Natural Science Award, second level , 2014
  • No.1 Environmental Satellite Application Systems, National Scientific Progress Award, second level, 2011
  • Late Quaternary East Asian monsoon evolution history and driving mechanism, Natural Science Prize of the Ministry of Education , first level, 2013
  • Research on the virtual geographic environment theory and method, Natural Science Prize of the Ministry of Education , second level, 2014
  • Divergent global precipitation changes induced by natural versus anthropogenic forcing, Nature, 2013,31(493):656-659
  • Pre-Miocene Birth of the Yangtze River, PNAS, 2013,110(19):7556–7561
  • Late Oligocene-early Miocene Birth of the Taklimakan Desert,PNAS,2015
  • Northern Hemisphere summer monsoon intensified by mega-El Niño/southern oscillation and Atlantic multidecadal oscillation,PNAS,2013,110(14):5347-5352
  • Stimulation of NO and N2O emissions from soils by SO2 deposition, Global Change Biology,2012
  • The substrate is an important factor in controlling the significance of heterotrophic nitrification in acidic forest soils, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 2014