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International Research and Training Center for Rural Education (INRULED) UNESCO, Nanjing

The international Center for Rural Education UNESCO Nanjing was established at Nanjing Normal University on January 18, 1999. Its main mission is to promote the development of international rural education by strengthening the role of universities in rural development, full mobilization and effective sharing of resources in the teacher-training and agricultural universities, and fostering of cooperation among institutions and all circles of society. INRULED is a unit in the School of Educational Science of Nanjing Normal University. It is directly under the Board of INRULED chaired by the university president. The director of INRULED appointed among the academic staff of the School of Educational Science will take charge of the daily work. As an organization under UNESCO, INRULED is making every possible effort to facilitate intellectual cooperation in the field of education, and to respond the goal and priority objectives set by UNESCO. INRULED offers different kinds of training programs on rural education including workshops and programs for master degree and doctor degree candidates. INRULED undertakes a series of research work: topic research focusing on a certain country or a specific problem; comparative research including intercultural and multicultural research; comprehensive research.