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Center for Sports Social Science Research, Nanjing Normal University

The Center for Sports Social Science Research is an institute that belongs to Nanjing Normal University directly. Depending on the School of Sports Science, the center was approved by China's General Sports Administration as the ‘Key Research Base for Sports Social Science’ in March, 2003.

As a high-level academic research institute, the Center for Sports Social Science Research shoulders the responsibility of organizing key scientific projects, obtaining significant research achievements, exploiting new research fields as well as improving the knowledge innovation system by taking advantage of the centennial history of Nanjing Normal University and an interdisciplinary approach. Consequently, it has established a research pattern of sports social science which is characterized by attention to leadership , discipline crossing, key points highlighting and applying research findings into practice. As a result, research achievements made by the center have reached an advanced level domestically. It is committed to becoming a center not only for academic research, but also for talent training, academic communication, information consulting and literature reviewing, thus making active contributions to the development of a national and provincial education career.

By ways of management system reform, research platform building, stimulation mechanism implementation and so on, the Center for Sports Social Science Research has formed the characteristics of ‘One Multi and Four Values’, namely, a multi-disciplinary combination and values of frontier research, development research, theoretical innovation as well as practical application.