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Famous People

Yonggui Wang Professor

Yonggui Wang, Grade-II Professor and Ph. D Supervisor, Listed as a talent in Cultural Celebrities i.e. "Four Batches of Top Experts" by Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC in 2015. He was elected as Model Figure of 2014 among teachers of political theories in national universities. As chief expert, his scientific research projected was nominated as Key Project by National Funds of Social Sciences. He won the Second Prize of Ministry of Education's Seventh Excellent Outcomes of Scientific Research for Humanities. Research Center of Socialist Ideology headed by Yonggui Wang, a key research organ of the university level, is recognized as the first batch of research bases of socialist theory with Chinese characteristics of Jiangsu Province. The course lectured by Yonggui Wang is listed as CPC Central Committee's Splendid Lessons related to Key Textbooks of Marxist Program.