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Famous People

Yizheng Liu: Master of Studies on Traditional Chinese Culture

Yizheng Liu (1879-1956), famous historian, classical literature scholar, library scientist, calligrapher.

Yizheng Liu was appointed as professor of Chinese Language and Literature and professor of History by Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1914. Later, he served as the Director of Jiangsu Provincial Library for Traditional Chinese Culture. In 1929, he started teaching at Central University. In 1948, he was accredited as an Academician of the 1st Academia Sinica.

He was a pioneer in studies on modern Chinese history. His historical research involved a variety of areas, such as general history, special history, local history, historiography theory, etc. He published several books entitled Chinese Business History, Chinese Educational History, Cultural History of China, and Essential National History. These works are of great innovative significance becasue he combined history and philosophy in his research, and focused on empirical research, which became the striking feature of his scholarly career.

Yizheng Liu also founded several journals, such as Xueheng and Journal on History and Geography, dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture and the spirit of Confucianism to benefit the world. He presided over the first edition of a general catalogue of library collections in China, making a significant contribution to the development of libraries.