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Famous People

Yifang Wu: "Goddess of Wisdom."

Yifang Wu (1893-1985), a famous educator and social activist.

Yifang Wu graduated from Ginling Women’s College in 1919. She went to study in the United States in 1922, and received her Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Michigan. From 1928 to 1951, she served as the first Chinese President of Ginling Women's Arts and Science College. In 1945, Yifang Wu attended the UN Constituent Assembly organized in San Francisco,CA, U.S., and signed the United Nations Charter as a representative from China.

In 1953, Yifang Wu was appointed Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, where she put forward many original educational ideas and propositions. In 1956, she was elected Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, and continued to serve the educational cause with dedication and diligence.

As a famous educator, Yifang Wu  gave renewed emphasis to the Christian creed "Respecting Life": "The purpose of life is not just to improve one’s personal life, but to help others and the entire society with one’s wisdom and ability, which not only benefits others, but also enriches one’s own life". In her personal life and in the administration of the university, she upheld the spirit of “Respecting Life”, and cultivated a large amount of outstanding talent during her lifetime. She enjoyed international fame because of her extensive knowledge and sublime charisma as well.