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Famous People

Steve Zhao

Steve Zhao, general planner and main founder of the world renowned China Story, is the only Asian Photographer in Nikon’s “Grand Total” Top Ten Global Photographers, as well as the only artist invited on four separate occasions to hold personal photography exhibitions in Brussels, Belgium, the headquarters of the EU. His photographs and global exhibitions have not only won great support from the China Information Office, the Ministry of Culture, and the China National Tourism Administration, but have also attracted grant funds from international firms such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, BMW, Volkswagen, Nikon, Kodak, Procter&Gamble, and American Express.

In 2000, Mr. Zhao was the featured guest in a special airing of “Oriental People” held by CCTV, where his photographic works were presented to the viewing public. His classic photographic work, China Story, portrays the splendid Chinese civilizations and beautiful life of the Chinese people, with his poetically captured photo shoots. His work has been exhibited in nearly 40 countries all over the world; not only displayed in China's foreign embassies on the National Day of China, but year round, in other embassies such as EU and German embassies in China. To date, Steve has authored roughly 20 collections of China Story pictorials. Among his new projects in the upcoming year, he will create German Story and Italian Story for the embassies of Germany and Italy residing in China.