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Famous People

Shaodong Ni

Name: Shaodong Ni
Motto: As heaven maintains vigor through movements,a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection. As a young man, I struggle with the hardship and enjoy my life.
Resume: A senior student majors in Musicology (Education) from College of Music. He graduated from Jiangsu YanchengWenfeng High School. Though he caught an eye disease from a very young age, he insisted on helping others by helping himself. During his college life, he continuously went to nursing homes and communities for charity performance as the lead of a volunteer team. He resolves to use his professional skills to serve the society.

Honors and Awards

2016 the winner of Silver Award of Erhu Performing in the Hong Kong’s Music & Arts Festival
2015 the winner of Advanced Individual in Cultural and Sports Activities of NNU
2014 the winner of Advanced Individual in Summer Social Practice of NNU
2013 the winner of Advanced Individual in Military Training of NNU