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Famous People

Bei Jin

Prof. Bei Jin is Academician of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Research Fellow , Institute of Industrial Economics, CASS. Professor, the Graduate School of CASS. Chairman, Regiongal Economy Association of China, Vice Chairman, Industrial Economics Association of China, Presdent, CHINA BUSINESS JOURNAL and Executive Deputy Director of Editorial Board & Editor-in-Chief of CHINA ECONOMIST.

Prof. Bei Jin has published more than 400 papers and more than 30 books concerning industrial economics, industrial organization, industrialization, economics of competitiveness, and theory and practice of enterprises, nineteen of which have won the national or ministerial prizes of excellent works. 

Professional Experience

2008 - present:  Chairman, Regiongal Economy Association of China.  
1996 - present: Vice Chairman, Economics Association of China. 
1989 - present: Research Fellow, Institute of Industrial Economics, CASS. Professor and Director, the Department of Industrial Economics, the Graduate School of CASS. 
2006 - present: Executive Deputy Director & Editor-in-Chief, China Economics (Bimonthly).
2003 - present: President,CHINA BUSINESS JOURNAL.
2008-2013:  Director General, Institute of Industrial Economics, CASS.  
1995-2012:  Deputy Director General, Institute of Industrial Economics, CASS.
2008-2013: Editor-in-Chief, CHINA INDUSTUAL ECONONICS (monthly). Editor-in-Chief, BUSINESS MANEGMENT (monthly).
1999-2002: Editor-in-Chief, CHINA BUSINESS JOURNAL, 
1993 - 1994: Visiting Research Fellow in University of California at Berkeley, U.S.A.  
1984 - 1986: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Nanjing University. 

Education Background

1986-1989:  Renmin University of China    Degree: Ph. D., Economics  
1982-1984:  Nanjing University                  Degree: Master, Economics.
1978-1982:  Nanjing Teachers University   Degree: Bachelor,  Laws.

Main Academic Books

Made in China 2025,China CITIC Press,Beijing,2015.
Great Industrialization In Cnina ,Guangdong Economic Press,Guangzhou,2015.
Global Industrial Progress and China’s Competitive Advantage of Chinese Industries, ( Jin Bei et al.), Economic Management Press, Beijing, 2014.
The Develop Road of The State Owned Enterprises in China, ( Jin Bei et al.), Economic Management Press, Beijing, 2013.
The Industrialization Which Changes China’s Destiny, China’s Social Sciences Press, Beijing 2013.
Changes of Global  Competitive Structure and China’s Industrial Progress , ( Jin Bei et al.), Economic Management Press, Beijing, 2013.
China’s Economy Amid New Challenges: Exploration Of Chinese Economists, ( edited by Jin Bei, Li Gang), Economic Science Press, 2013. 
The Trend of China, China’s Development Pattern—Exploration of Chinese Economists, ( Edited by Jin Bei & Li Gang, New Classic Press (UK), 2012.
China’s Development Pattern – Exploration of Chinese Economists(edited by Jin Bei & Li Gang), Economic Science Press, Beijing, 2011.
Jin Bei Economics Selections, China Modern Economic Press,  Beijing 2011  
The Regulation of Natural Resources and Environment and Industrial Competitiveness, (Jin Bei et al.),Economic Management Press, Beijing, 2010. 
Road to Development: the Journey of the Chinese Economy(edited by  Jin Bei & Li Gang ), Economic Management Press, Beijing, 2010.
Resources and Growth,(Jin Bei et al.), Economic Management Press, Beijing, 2009.
The International Competitiveness of Chinese Industry, Foreign Language Press, Beijing, 2007
Competitive Order and Competitive Policies,(Jin Bei et al.), Social Sciences Academic Press ,Beijing, 2005
New Industrial Economics, Economic Management Press, Beijing,2005.
Economics of Press , Economic Management Press, Beijing, 2003 
Economics of Competitiveness, (Jin Bei et al.) Guangdong Economic Press, Guangzhou, 2003 
Report on Enterprise Competitiveness, Annually, Social Sciences Academic Press Beijing, 2003~2013.
On the Fundamental Reform of State-owned Enterprises,(Jin Bei et al.), Beijing Press, Beijing, 2002
Reform and Development of China's State-owned Enterprises,(Jin Bei et al.), Economic Management Press, Beijing, 2000.
Economics of Industrial Organization, Economic Management Press, Beijing, 1999. 
Studies on Economic Relation and Trade Between Mainland China and Taiwan, (Jin Bei et al.)Economic Management Press, Beijing, 1998.
Deng Xiaoping's Economic Theories, Economic Management Press, Beijing, 1998.
China's Industrial Development Report, Annually, Economic Management Press, Beijing, 1996~2013.
What Course to Follow: the Problem of China's State-owned Enterprises in the Present Age, Today's China Publishing House, Beijing, 1997.
Analyses on Industrial Regions in China, Economic Management Press, Beijing, 1996.
International Competitiveness of China's Industries - the Theories, the Methods and the Positive Research, Economic Management Publishing House, Beijing, 1996.
Problems and Perspectives on the Reform of China's State-owned Enterprises, Institute of Developing Economies, Tokyo, 1995.
Economic Analyses on China's Industrialization, Renmin University of China Press, Beijing, 1994.
Macro Financing and Economic Development, Renmin University of China Press, Beijing, 1991.