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Campus Life

Guangyu Chinese Opera Club

Guangyu Chinese Opera Club was founded in September 2003. It is a club of various kinds of Chinese operas, such as Beijing Opera, Kun Opera, Yue Opera, Huangmei Opera, Yu Opera. We depends on ourselves to regulate and develop. Guangyu joined in Students’ Performing Arts Group of NNU in April 2012.

We have regular activities every week. On weekdays, we practice our singing by the lake. We train the actions on Saturdays and watch different types of operas on Sunday nights. We give lectures on Chinese opera every semester. In addition, we organize outings to watch live opera performances and at the same time we learn from old artists.

To guarantee the high quality of club activities, our club invite Sun Shulei, the doctoral supervisor of School of Chinese Literature, Zhong Rong and Wang Xinnong, artists of Peking Opera Theater of Jiangsu, Ni Tongfang, artist of Xi Opera Theater of Jiangsu, Zhao Shiyin, artist of Yue Opera Theater of Jiangsu, and Yu Huixia, artist of Peking Opera Theater of Nanjing, to guide and teach us.
Besides, Guangyu keeps a good relationship with Chinese opera clubs of other universities in Nanjing by organize Friendship Concert each year. We will update the news of activities and other relative information on our own website ( .
Through the efforts of all the club members, Guangyu has been awarded for several times in our university. In 2013, our Tenth Anniversary Performance was broadcast by different media. CCTV broadcast that performance twice and even made a special film for it. Guangyu became the first Five Stars Club of NNU and has kept this honor till now.
Since the foundation of Guangyu Chinese Opera Club, we influence many people through our activities, including our own club members, other students in the university and many others in the society. We create a place for those who love Chinese opera and we let those who don’t know about it understand it and love it.
As a club in NNU, Guangyu Chinese Opera Club aims at inheriting and carrying forward the culture of Chinese opera and meanwhile adding varieties to school’s activities. We believe that Guangyu will certainly have a bright future.