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Zambia art students’ performance bridges friendship

The final performance was put on by the Chinese Government Scholarship winners of Zambia art students and the students from NNU School of Music, June 29. Lixin Tian, a vice president of NNU, Yue Lin, the director of the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department for International Cooperation and Exchange, Lingling Shang, the leader of Nanjing Exit and Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau and the directors of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges and the School of Music watched the performance and made reviews about the study conditions of the students.

 Last year, 11 Chinese Government Scholarship winners of Zambia students came to NNU to study music; a year later, they elaborately prepared a course-completion performance featuring a fusion of traditional Chinese music. The African-style dance AKALEALA kicked off the performance. As for the follow-up programs, there are not only African dances and Zambian folk songs, but also traditional Chinese repertoire co-played by Zambian and Chinese students such as The heavenly Immortal Chasing the Moon and Tea-picking with Butterfly. With a combination of Chinese songs and unique Africa dances, the whole performance created a passionate atmosphere. The creative ensemble of dulcimer and African drum is novel and unique. As for the Chinese folk music ensemble, Zambian students played the Chinese bamboo flute. Although their skills are still immature, they are the seeds of art communication between China and Africa growing in the Chinese folk song Jasmine. The English song Hands Across the World drew the performance to an end. just like what the lyrics has expressed: “Africa to China (the original lyrics is ‘Africa to America’), China to Africa, everywhere common and spread some love.”

Yue Lin expressed his excitement after the appreciation of Zambia students’ comprehension and performance on Chinese culture and praised overseas students’ education achievements in NNU. “I hope that they can bring the Chinese music to Africa and make the exchange of learning a friendship bridge for the two nations. 

Finally, Lixin Tian announced the course-completion of the students, read out the name list of Chinese government scholarship winners of Zambia art students, and issued a certificate of course-completion.