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World Youth Graduate Students Online Forum was Held

Recently, Chinese and international graduate students from the International College for Chinese Studies participated in the World Youth online forum, which is designed to enhance their friendship and provide an opportunity for cross-cultural communication.


This online event witnessed great passion by all the participants who were socially distanced and prevented from having face to face communication because of COVID-19. Presentations, discussions, a vote, a lottery for the audience and summary votes for players were included in this forum. International students and domestic students took turns expressing their views on three pre-selected topics and then the final winner was chosen by the audience.


There were eight spokespeople and 36 in the voting audience. The spokespeople were from seven countries including Bangladesh (Hao Zhang in Picture 8), Nigeria (Jiaming Ding in Picture 5), Indonesia (Yingjia Song in Picture 6), Malaysia (Caiwen Zhu in Picture 7), Mauritania (Qi Ma in Picture 3), Tajikistan (Fei Li in Picture 2) and China (Yuhong Sun in Picture 4 and Wenjun Jiang in Picture 1).


The three topics in question were “My Impression of Chinese Spring Festival”, “Lucky/Unlucky Tales or Customs in My Country” and “Interesting Gift Culture in My Country”. During the first round, Malaysian Chinese Caiwen Zhu made a detailed comparison between how Chinese people in Malaysia and in China celebrate Spring Festival, triggering the desire of overseas students to experience Chinese Spring Festival. Other spokespeople also shared some interesting tales and customs from their countries.

The combination of heated topic discussions and active interactions between spokespeople and the audience provided a splendid opportunity for both Chinese and international students to obtain more knowledge about lifestyles, cultures and customs of each country and thus have a deeper understanding of cross-cultural communication. In addition, the voting and lottery part was exciting for the students. Overall, students from home and abroad spoke out freely and sought common ground while reserving differences, reflecting the active thinking of graduate students from the International College for Chinese Studies. 

At the end of the event, the first, second and third prizes and participation prizes were given in turn according to the audience voting results. Malaysian Chinese Caiwen Zhu from the Class 2020 was awarded the first prize and granted the title of “Best Youth”. Awards were presented in an orderly fashion online to spokespeople and the audience by the host. A group photo taking of all participants including spokespeople and the audience marked the closing of this event.