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Workshop led by Klaus Hesse: Let It Grow

"Let it grow" workshop exhibition held by the School of Fine Arts lowered its curtain on October 28. The exhibits on display are from the over 20 undergraduates and graduate students in the School of Fine Arts who have attended the workshop of the same theme in September. The exhibition interpreted the secret of "growth" to the teachers and students.

"Let it grow" workshop was supervised by professor Klaus Hesse, the dean of School of Visual Communication Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach with 20 plus students got involved in a 10-day graphic design course. The workshop breaks the concept of digital information creation. Their themed works were created on a piece of rolled paper 3 meters in length, 60 centimeter in width. Visual images were presented through hand drawing and computer technology which gave full play to creativity, the essence of nature, social reflection and self-perception to spread out the connotation of “growth”.