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Welcome members of the Class of 2022

September 2, 2018 is an exciting day for everyone in the NNU family, because more than 8,000 young students will become new residents of three huge campuses at Xianlin, Suiyuan and Zijin, and start a fresh university life.

It seems that the whole campus has entered “welcome mode”. Bright red reception stations and banners with welcome slogans decorate the green campus like rubies and red ribbons. With the help of the reception stations freshmen can get useful materials and souvenirs and then head to their dormitory.

The enrollment procedure is largely simplified so that it only takes a few minutes for students to get enrolled. An ID card and an admission letter are all they need and then they can settle into their new dormitories.


(Photo by NNU student photographer Jinwen Hu)


(Photo by NNU staff photographer Quan Chen)

Dozens of foreign freshmen receive a warm welcome from NNU CPC Committee Secretary Minqiang Hu, NNU President Guoxiang Chen, Vice President Lixin Tian, Kangsheng Fu, Xiaojin Zhu, Jiandong Miao, Xuyu Zhang, and Youlian Sun, Chief Financial Officer Leiming Ren, CPC Standing Committee Member and Head of NNU Publicity Office Lianhong Zhang.


(Photo by NNU student photographer Siyu Ouyang)

After settling in the dorm, a tour to the history museum raised the foreign students’ interest. The detailed and patient explanation of the guide helped them understand the historical background of the university and get a general impression of the huge campus. Hopefully they will have an easier start.


(Katherine from Ukraine – right, Photo by NNU student photographer Siyu Ouyang)

New graduate student Katherine from the Ukraine holds a dream of becoming a Chinese teacher so she chose Teaching Chinese as Second Language as her major. “Nanjing is a city that has a strong cultural atmosphere. And Nanjing Normal University integrates this kind of cultural atmosphere, which makes it a perfect place to learn Chinese.”


(Maga Dilya from Tajikistan – left, Photo by NNU student photographer Siyu Ouyang)

The Dilya family came to China a year ago from Tajikistan. Now Mr. and Mrs. Dilya are both NNU new graduate students who will major in international trade at NNU. “With the Belt and Road Initiative, we hope to find a brighter future for our child and for ourselves in China after graduation. It would be great if we are able to work and live here.”

Not only do the freshmen feel thrilled about the beginning of their university studies, but NNU volunteers are also getting prepared in anticipation.


(Photo by NNU staff photographer Quan Chen)


(Student volunteer Tian Xie – left, Photo by NNU student photographer Siyu Ouyang)

Tian Xie, a student volunteer and president of the Student Union of the School of Sports Science and Physical Education, said: “We start arranging our reception station at 6:00 in the morning, but our work actually began three days ago. When it comes to the beginning of a new semester, students are very excited. Many of them come to school three days earlier so we have to help them find a temporary accommodation and get acquainted with the new environment.” The service they provide for the freshmen cannot be more thoughtful. Their featured display board with pictures of popular athletes Ruoqi Hui and Jianan Wang can be spotted easily from a long distance and they also give customized postcard to the freshmen on which they can write their expectations for the future.

In addition, a hundred volunteers from the School of Sports Science and Physical Education help provide the pick-up service at various stations in Nanjing.