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Vice president of Macquarie University (Australia) and His Colleagues visit NNU

The vice president of Nanjing Normal University, Lixin Tian, met the vice president of Macquarie University, David Wilkinson, and his colleagues Nicole Brigg, vice president for international affairs, Stella Wang, the International Department’s China director, and Elaine Cheng, China program director, on the morning of May 14th, 2019 on the Xianlin Campus of NNU.



Mr. Lixin Tian extended a warm welcome towards David Wilkinson and his colleagues, and introduced them to the history, scale, distinctive disciplines and the international cooperation and communication programs of NNU. He pointed out that NNU and MU have built a sound cooperative foundation since the first cooperation cultivating the Master of Finance program. This second bilateral credit recognition project for High Level Universities in Jiangsu Province starts a new page for further collaboration. Mr. David Wilkinson expressed his thankfulness for NNU’s hospitality and briefly introduced the recent development of MU. He suggested that the bilateral credit recognition project for two undergraduate disciplines, Accounting and Translation, will expand our cooperation on student exchange, faculty visits and scientific research.

Afterwards, the two sides signed the cooperation agreement. David Wilkinson and his colleagues visited the history museum of NNU after the meeting.

Macquarie University, founded in 1964, is a first-tier research-oriented public university in Australia. It is ranked No.250 in the 2019 QS Top University Rankings in terms of its comprehensive strength. Business is ranked in the top 100. As for arts and humanities, Phonetics is ranked in 31st place, Psychology in 45th, and Law ranked in the top 100 as well as Pedagogy.

Leaders from the Jiangsu International Foundation for Education Excellence, Giling College, the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures and the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of NNU attended the meeting.