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Vice President Lixin Tian elected executive director of the seventh council of the China Education Association for International Exchange

222.jpgOn the morning of December 15, 2017 the Annual Conference of the China Education Association for International Exchange and the Sixth General Election of the Board of Directors was held in Beijing. The chairman, secretary general, executive director and director of the seventh councilas well as the chief supervisor and the supervisor of the first supervisory board were elected at the conference. A total of 344 directors and 134 executive directors were elected. Limin Liu, the former Vice Minister of Education was elected chairman of the seventh council and Lixin Tian, Vice President of Nanjing Normal University was elected executive director.

Founded in July 1981, the China Education Association for International Exchange is a non-governmental national organization to facilitate international cooperation and exchange concerning education. The Association is headquartered in Beijing and the secretariat is a permanent office. The purpose of the association is to actively promote educational exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries and regions in the world, to advance the development of education, science, technology and culture and to facilitate mutual understanding and friendship between all nations, regions and China.