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The Unveiling Ceremony of Jiangsu Integrated Energy Engineering Laboratory of Interconnected Gas and Electricity and the First Academic Committee Conference is held at NNU

The Unveiling Ceremony of the Jiangsu Integrated Energy Engineering Laboratory of Interconnected Gas and Electricity and the First Academic Committee Conference was held on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at Nanjing Normal University (NNU).

The Jiangsu Integrated Energy Engineering Laboratory of Interconnected Gas and Electricity was co-built by NNU and Nanjing NARI Group.

As for the development of small and medium-sized gas generators in Jiangsu’s integrated energy system industry, problems such as the lack of independent intellectual property rights and in-depth research on a comprehensive energy utilization system at the university level still exist. Based on these problems, the laboratory aims to build a R&D platform for a distributed and graded gas-fired power generation system and another R&D platform for an integrated energy system. It will also focus on the development of an integrated energy system of interconnected gas and electricity.

MinqiangHu, the secretary of NNU’s committee of the CPC; Lixin Tian, a vice president of NNU; Weining Wu, the deputy general manager of NARI Group Co., Ltd.; and Jinda Zhu, the president of the NARI Research Institute were present. The directors of the Science and Research Institute, the School of Chemistry and Material Science, the School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, the School of NARI Electric and Automation and members of the laboratory attended the conference. The conference was chaired by Zhengshan Ding, vice president of the Science and Research Institute.

Welcoming participants to the unveiling ceremony, Vice President Lixin Tian introduced the current situation of NNU’s engineering construction in his speech and thanked the experts for their strong support for the Integrated Energy Engineering Laboratory of Interconnected Gas and Electricity.

Subsequently, Minqiang Hu and Weining Wu jointly unveiled the engineering laboratory. Lixin Tian issued letters of appointment to members of the first academic committee.

Associate professor Qi Wang of the Engineering Laboratory introduced the construction background, research direction, research objectives, research teams, platform construction plan as well as the management and operation system of the Engineering laboratory. He also briefed all present on the current progress and the three-year plan for the future of the laboratory. Exchanges and discussions about the state of the laboratory’s construction and problems were conducted between the committee members.

The members of the Academic Committee agreed that the construction of the laboratory is in line with the national energy development strategy, the preliminary work plan is reasonable and fruitful, the construction objectives and research direction are clear, the construction plan is feasible, and the laboratory organization is set up properly.

At the same time, each expert put forward suggestions for the future development of the laboratory, hoping that the laboratory will closely align with the national comprehensive energy plan, strengthen openness and transformation, focus on the needs of enterprises, and maximize the strengths of the laboratory.

Ping Jun, Prof. of Hohai University was named the chairman of the first academic committee. Academic committee members include Weining Wu, Minqiang Hu, Prof. Jianfeng Zhao of Southeast University, Prof. Yukun Sun of the Nanjing Institute of Technology, Prof. Guangming Zhang of Nanjing University of Technology, and Prof. Bo Zhou of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The first academic committee conference was chaired by Prof. Ping Jun.