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The students from Scotland complete NNU cross-cultural experience program

The closing ceremony of the four-week cultural program on “Children’s Development and Educational Changes in China” hosted by School of Education Science of Nanjing Normal University was held in Suiyuan campus on June 20th. Representatives from practice school, and teachers as well as students from University of Strathclyde, Scotland and Nanjing Normal University attended the ceremony.

004_fu_ben_fu_ben_.jpgOn behalf of the entire team, program leader Xuefeng Qiao delivered a speech at the ceremony appreciating the achievements students made through seminars, cultural viewing, schulpraktika, peer learning, and group reporting, etc. During the speech, Xuefeng Qiao expressed a wish that students from Scotland could keep contact with their Chinese teachers and peers for deepening the understanding of diversified cultures and the study of comparison between Chinese culture and Britain culture.

Students who had passed the program were all endowed with a certificate afterwards. The ceremony of conferring certificates was done in group turns, which invited teachers presented to give out the certificates to students from Scotland and China four in a team. To extend the gratitude for the supports of the practice school, Yueyan Du also offered a special certificate on partner universities to the representatives of the school.

The last session of the ceremony was the group reporting, which invited the students from Scotland to give reports on their gaining and thinking through the program activities. Students involved thought that the information-based teaching in primary school was inspiring and branch teaching also enhanced the professional authority of the teachers in elementary education. As a bystander, the reports from the student had provided with more interpretations for the existing problems in Chinese education. The program reached a successful ending in the cheer and applause at the conclusion of the reports given by the last group.