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The Opening Ceremony of the Joint Photography Exhibition, "Sketch the World", was held at the Jiangsu Modern Art Museum

On the afternoon of July 3rd, 2020, the joint photography exhibition "Sketch the World" sponsored by our school was successfully opened in Hall 2 and 3 of the Jiangsu Modern Art Museum. There were more than 100 photographic works and 3 installations, including the works of nine visual art creators, such as those of Yi Liu, Mingyang Liu, Zixuan Leng, Fei Shi, Jiaqi Sun, Wenhui Shi, Hongjun Yu, Kaixin Yan and Minglai Yao.

This exhibition was sponsored by Nanjing Normal University, directed by the Jiangsu Photographers Association and undertaken by the Jiangsu Modern Art Museum. Professor Ji Luo presided over the exhibition academically. Qing Kan, director of the photography department of the School of Fine Arts, curated the exhibition together with Yi Liu, an alumnus of our school. Meanwhile, Xiaoyi Ruan directed the art. The work exhibited consists of three parts: drawing scenery, painting about culture and sketching time. Many young artists have fully demonstrated the new force of the "post-90s" generation in the form of photography and the installations with their thoughts and perspectives. At the same time, there are "post-60s" photographers with social insight in the exhibition. Their overall works are full of strong characteristics of the times and culture they represent. 

(Speech made by Professor Ji Luo, academic host of the exhibition)

(Speech made by Academician Shuzhong Shen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)

(Academician Shuzhong Shen, Secretary Xin Xu, Curator Zhen Zhao, Professor Ji Luo and Teacher Qing Kan unveiled for the exhibition)

The theme of the exhibition is "Sketch the World" for the reason that the creators sketch the world in the form of photography, and each work records a dimension of time and the refraction of space. In this exhibition, the imagination and expressive force of the "post-90s" photographers are refreshing. Jiaqi Sun, a graduate student majoring in photography in the School of Fine Arts, plays a time-space puzzle with a colorful surreal style in his series of pictures, "Dreaming Around for Eighty Days" while Fei Shi's “The Secret Fall” opens a quiet and interesting secret space up with its visual composition. As a "post-60s" work, "Life in the Underground", is objectively presented by photography with actual feeling, and looks like a series of documentaries about a part of social culture. In another sketching scenery series, there are snow-capped mountains, an endless rainbow overhead, and mountains and rivers in the clouds. The light and shadow of colorful light flowing throughout narrates the magic of nature in the picture.

This exhibition was well received by visiting college teachers and students, photography artists and enthusiasts. This exhibition will last until July 15th.