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The opening ceremony for international students preparing to study at NNU on a Chinese Government Scholarship in 2019 was held

On the afternoon of September 24th, the Opening Ceremony for international students preparing to study at Nanjing Normal University, who are on a Chinese Government Scholarship in 2019, was held in the Yifang lecture hall on the Suiyuan campus of Nanjing Normal University.

Professor Lixin Tian, the vice president of the university, attended the ceremony, along with heads of relevant departments and colleges and more than 130 international students from over 50 countries and regions.

Lixin Tian extended his warm welcome to all the international students who came to our school for Chinese language preparatory study. He pointed out that Nanjing Normal University, a 100-year-old university, has always attached importance to exchange and cooperation with other countries.

He said the school has made measurable achievements in the preparatory education training of international students who have received the Chinese Government Scholarship, and who need to improve their Chinese language fluency before matriculating into the university. Then he expressed his concern for all the international students. He hoped that the students will be able to adjust themselves to the new environment, maintain a healthy state of mind, keep safety awareness in mind, study hard and continuously improve their level of Chinese, and have a pleasant and unforgettable year at Nanjing Normal University.

Lechuan Zhu, a teacher from the School of International Culture and Education, spoke as a representative of the teachers of the international students, hoping these students will keep the important task of learning Chinese in mind, experience life in China, feel Chinese culture and adapt to their new life as soon as possible.

YUSUPOVA IULIIA, a Russian student and a freshman representative of the international students, showed her great love and gratitude to the enthusiastic and warm Chinese people and the impressive traditional architecture of the university.

After the opening ceremony, Wei Zhang, a teacher from the International Student Management Office of the School of International Culture and Education and teachers of the international students respectively gave a teach-in and lectures on the rules and regulations of the school and about health and safety education.