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The Last Age of the Sword is recognized for Chinese martial arts

A short film, The Last Age of the Sword, produced by students of the NNU School of Journalism and Communication won the International Independent Film Awards Platinum Award, Berlin Flash Film Festival: Official Selection and Best Drama of the Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art, Academy Awards. It was also nominated by the 74th Venice International Film Festival into the “Focus on China” category, the Los Angeles Cinefest Film Festival and the First International Creative Publicity Competition “Tell China Stories” into the short film category.

The team members behind The Last Age of the Sword some of which are graduate students majoring in Radio and Television and others are undergraduates majoring in Radio and TV Editing and its director,Heng Li, is a graduate student majoring in Theatre Film & Television. The film follows how a traditional Chinese martial arts family regains “the sword” thereby inheriting the spirit of traditional Chinese martial arts in a time when attention toward traditional Chinese martial arts is being adversely affected by competition from martial arts from other countries. The unique style and reserved and refined narration convey Zen aesthetics and humanistic spirit.

The director, Heng Li mentioned that it is Akira Kurosawa’s film, Run that inspired him and influenced the style of The Last Age of the Sword. This film was made to reminisce about the golden era of Chinese martial arts as well as paying tribute to Akira Kurosawa’ classic samurai films.