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The Fifth International Culture Day of NNU

On the afternoon of October 21, the fifth International Culture Day of Nanjing Normal University was held in Xianlin Campus. Students from more than 130 countries came to take part in different kinds of cultural display activities. President Minqiang Hu made a speech for the opening ceremony.

President Hu began his speech with warm congratulations upon the opening of the fifth International Culture Day. He pointed that, “now there are international students from more than 130 countries studying in 19 colleges located in 3 campuses in our university, which becomes a bright scenery and gives a full demonstration of our distinct ‘global village’ culture characterized by diversity and tolerance. As one of NNU’s “brand activities”, the annual International Culture Day shows our students’ vitality and energy. Through International Culture Day, students can show the culture of different countries, which not only promotes their mutual understanding of different culture and customs, but also broadens their horizon and helps them develop a global awareness. President Hu also expressed his hope that “our students will be able to learn from each other through the diverse culture “and he also believed that, “ through cultural collision and integration, students will gain broader vision, more open actions and effective cooperation, thus helping them become cross-cultural youth leaders in the future and make contributions to the world development.” After the opening ceremony, President Hu looked around the culture display of different countries. He talked with the students and encouraged them to work hard, enhance exchanges, and improve themselves so as to become an emissary of communication between Chinese and foreign culture. President Hu also tasted different kinds of delicious dishes made by international students and took photos with them.

International students from different countries, such as Russia, Italy, America, Zambia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, presented the history and culture of their countries and the political, cultural and economic exchanges conducted with China. Furthermore, students from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Korea, America, Ukraine, Mongolia, Pakistan and Belarus also prepared many delicious local delicacies.

Moreover, students also prepared over 30 wonderful performances: martial art by students from Physical Science College, African Dance by Zambia students, traditional dance by pretty girls from Vietnam, excellent performance of Zheng by an American student, a classic Chinese song by Baicheng Zhang from Congo, etc. Students from Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Gabon, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Singapore and Nepal and other countries all performed their traditional dance.

So far, the International Culture Day in our university has been held five times successfully. It not only presents diverse cultures of different countries, provides opportunities for face-to-face communication between Chinese and foreign students, enhances their mutual understanding, but also reflects our students’ vitality. International Culture Day has become a yearly multicultural feast in our university and has created an international atmosphere in NNU.