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The discipline of Materials Science is included into ESI's world top 1%

On May 11th, the discipline of materials science was included into Essential Science Indicators (ESI)'s world top 1%. So far, there are five disciplines of NNU whose ESI Rank Top 1%, namely chemistry, engineering science, botany and zoology, agricultural science and materials science.

Statistically, the discipline of materials science in NNU has published 355 ESI papers since 2007 which generate 4013 total cites ranking 775/783 among the discipline’s top 1% research institutions globally. The School of Chemistry and Materials Science is the main contributor for this discipline’s leading ESI. 

Concerning the overall situation in NNU, there are 6896 papers published in January and February in 2007 in total among the 22 disciplines included into the ESI evaluation which generates 56742 total cites(8.23 cites per paper) and 96 highly cited papers. Among the 5352 institutions whose ESI enters into top 1%, the overall ranking (according to the total cites) of NNU moves up to 1289.