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The 8th NNU Reading Festival: make books your companion for life

How long have your books laid untouched on the shelf covered with dust and shade? While you are staring at the screen of your phone, books are crying for your attention and communion. In order to boost students’ interest in reading and to encourage healthy reading habits, the 8th annual NNU Reading Festival officially launched on April 25, 2018 in Jingwen Square followed by a series of activities, both online and offline, related to reading and learning.

The 21-day Reading Marathon is one of the most challenging reading activities which requires all participants to read persistently and to share their favorite part of the book or their opinions in a group chat online for 21 days nonstop. Only the students who hold on straight to the end will be invited to a sharing meeting with other winners and will receive a full package of souvenirs. Though it was a hard task, more than 50 students succeeded.

When asked why the duration was set for 21 days, the chairman of the NNU Student Librarian Association, Haiyuan Xie, explained, “Scientifically it has been proven that a good habit can be formed in about 21 days. So, if you can stick to it for 21 days, then it probably will be a natural habit for the rest of your life.”

A graduate student, Hao Lin, from The School of Physics and Technology indicated that, “In addition to professional readings about science, philosophical and social worksprovide him with a different perspective towards research as well as life. Students with a science and engineering major originally don’t have the intention of reading philosophy but joining this activity is my way of forcing myself to do it frequently.” It’s worth mentioning that he also won the second prize in the “i search Information Retrieval” competition (a competition to test students’ ability of searching online databases) this year, which made him an all-round student in academic and non-academic reading and learning.

“Make reading a lifelong habit.” said Ruitian Bai, who served in the army for one year and now studies software engineering. During his service, despite the tough military life, he enjoyed the daily reading task thathe had to complete every night between 8:00pm-10:00pm, which deeply influenced his reading habit now. “The tight discipline and favorable atmosphere in the army naturally formed my daily reading habit. Even though I returned to school, I still couldn’t leave this habit behind.” Also, as a fan of paper books, he also attended the 2018 Nanjing Book Fair and witnessed the exhibition of “the twelve most beautiful books in Nanjing”.

“This chat group will never be disbanded and you all can exchange your reading experience well into the future.” The manager of this activity said, suggested by many of the participants.

In addition, NNU has set up a long-term book donation station on the second floor of the NNU library in order to spread our lifelong reading spirit to the small villages in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces.

With the inspiration of the NNU Reading Festival, statistics showed an upward trend in the quantity and quality of NNU’s student reading choices in 2017. The longest time spent reading in the school library last year was 2595.7h (7 hours per day) and the maximum number of borrowed books individually last year was 373, which meant on average students borrowed one book per day. Also, the books cover various fields, including literature, history and philosophy etc., reflecting the width of the students’ reading selections.