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The 55th NNU Fall Sports Meet lights up the University

The 55th NNU Fall Sports Meet kicked off on October 27th 2017, lasting for two days.

The opening ceremony drew people’s attention with the diverse performance of students from more than 20 schools.


Students from the School of Sports Science and Physical Education brought their gymnastics performance with high level of difficulty and excited the crowd. Hong Chen/NNU student photographer


The audience gave loud applause when students from the International College for Chinese Studies performed their enthusiastic pop dance. Jianan Dai/NNU student photographer


Yuhao Shi, member of the National Long Jump Team, the sixth place’s winner of long jump in 2017 IAAF World Championships in Athletics, encouraged the students to show good sportsmanship and go beyond themselves in the sports meet. Hong Chen/NNU student photographer


NNU student athlete Ying Zhou broke the University record of 200-meter race (for female) twice in two days. She said: “NNU Sports Meet is a great opportunity to test myself and to encourage myself to practice long-distance race more, like 400-meter race.” Shijia Peng/NNU student photographer

The University record of 100-meter race (for male) was broken by Liangqin Ni. He said: “I haven’t thought about breaking records this time because I’ve been taking it easy. It just happened naturally.”


High jump athlete Jing Yi and Junshuai Li won the first and second place respectively. Besides high jump, Junshuai Li won the first place in 110 meters hurdles. Yifan Hu/NNU student photographer


3000-meter race has always been a test for physical strength and mental will. Athletes have tried their best to finish the competition. Yifan Hu/NNU student photographer


To arouse students’ interests in sports, NNU add Frisbee as an event for the first time and it won a lot of popularity. A Frisbee is a plastic disc for players to throw or catch with each other. “Although Frisbee requires certain skills, it still has a quality of entertainment”, the head of the NNU Frisbee club Xiangwen Xusaid. Yifan Hu/NNU student photographer


“Joining the running competiton with all those Chinese students, we soon become much closer friends and feel like family. Cooperation and competition link us together.” French student Younes was so excited after the relay competition. “We don’t have this kind of sports meet in our nation and coming to China I am so surprised to experience the event and so proud to be one part of them. The meet is so meaningful, making students keep fit while enjoy the game.” Another student from the International College for Chinese Studies Charlotte told the journalist. Haiyang Chen/NNU student photographer


“Friendship first, competition second. I hope students do not get hurt and enjoy the competition,” counselor of the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures Si Cheng said. Zhenyue Yin/NNU student photographer