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Students from class 2020 with the highest marks on the College Entrance Examination from Jiangsu Province at NNU

The college entrance examination is one of the most important examinations for almost every student. Those who perform well could be granted admission to their dream colleges and majors. Peng Wang and Hui Wang, who got the highest marks on their college entrance examinations in science and art respectively among all the incoming freshmen from Jiangsu at Nanjing Normal University, shared their opinions about their study experience and expectations for their life on campus.  

Peng Wang stands out as the top student ranking first among all the other science students from Jiangsu province at NNU. However, it was in no way an easy achievement for her. Not having performed well in last year’s examination, this is the second time she has taken the college entrance examination, and it was, at that time, a difficult decision for her to restudy for it and spend another year in high school. “What matters in our life is not the speed, but the direction.” Though her friends and family had warned her of the risk of retaking the examination, she was resolved in her decision to major in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at NNU so she stood her ground. To her great relief, she finally made it with extraordinary results. Looking back to the dark time before the examination, it was beset with difficulties. But she never gave up on herself. She said she didn’t perform well before the third mock test, so she researched many methods of study on the internet and adjusted herself in the face of adversity. “Do the right thing and let the future be.” This motto greatly inspired her when she felt exhausted.

The campus life Peng Wang expects will still be centered around study. She also wants to take charge of some class activities to improve her communication and leadership skills as well. “I think studying at NNU is the way to realize my dream because I have longed to be a teacher since my childhood.” She hopes to achieve good grades in the coming four years. “I hope I can be brave enough to step out of my comfort zone, and I hope no matter what will happen in the future, I can always find my direction.”    

(Peng Wang)

Hui Wang achieved the highest marks in art and chose a Dual degree major in history and education. Asked about the reason for choosing this major, she mentioned that the most gentle and wonderful picture she could imagine of her future is to have heart-to-heart communication with students and devote her life to teaching. She considers being a teacher as the most humanistic career and the tenderest figure in the world. Just like the popular slogan goes, “I am who you are when I grow up,” she has met a lot of good teachers during her school years. To pass knowledge as well as love to the generations to come, she has made up her mind and chose teaching as her future career.

She is full of expectation of the brand-new life on campus. “I am well informed of the huge differences between life in high school and college. There will be more freedom for a student to study at a university. As a result, self-discipline is of vital importance. It will be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but I think I am well prepared to face the challenge.” She also mentioned that she had set some small goals for the coming four years, such as joining a club, keeping exercising and reading every day, learning Japanese and so on. Most of all, she hopes she can live her life on campus to the fullest and make it a colorful and meaningful one.

(Hui Wang)