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Six NNU teachers’ art journey to Armenia

In respond to the invitation from the National Ministry of Culture and National Ministry of Education of Armenia, six artists of NNU School of Fine Arts took part in the activity of creative painting with other artists from Armenia, Georgia and Russia recently. 

Within the overall context of “One Belt and One Road” economic and cultural development, and with the call of developing the East Asia Economic Circle from president Jinping Xi, Armenia, the friendly neighbor of China on the ancient Silk Road, hosted the international activity. Six excellent teachers from NNU School of Art, Yu Zhang, Mingyi Wang, Yang Li, Jian Luo, Liang Zhao, Chaorong Wang attended the activity.

During the session, artists took a full visit to the Armenian capital Erevan and its border city Usera bringing about dozens of excellent works and had a deep talk with the Armenian local artists. The sculpture works “Horse” and “Sunflower” of Chao Wang were collected by the Ministry of Culture of Usera. Rest artists also gave their original oil paintings as the gifts to the department. The director of National Ministry of Culture of Armenia kept a close eye on the activity witnessing the whole processing of art creation and chose an oil painting of professor Jian Luo as his personal art collection.

Positive acknowledgment was made by the National Ministry of Culture and National Ministry of Education of Armenia in view of the diligence and excellence of the artists involved. In the closing ceremony of the activity, the director of National Ministry of Education of Armenia gave the artists its national honor certificate. The national channel of Armenia and the mainstream media all cast a thorough report on the activity.

Hearing of the activity, Chinese ambassador to Armenia Erlong Tian met with the NNU teachers accompanied by the principal of Ministry of Education of Armenia. Erlong Tian thought highly of NNU’s great efforts in carrying out the China’s diplomatic policies and pointed out that the cultural and art promotion was the exact embodiment of comprehensive national power but not the mere focus on the economic promotion as it used to be. It is appreciated that the NNU teachers made it the reality.

Ten days’ short journey as it was, it not only promoted the cultural and art communication between China and Armenia as well as among other countries, but enhanced the friendship among the four countries. During the trip, our fast-developing comprehensive national power was reveled and international position of NNU was raised.  The directors of Ministry of Culture and Education provided our school with souvenirs in the end. The artists of NNU indicated that they would actively promote the China tour of displaying the works on New Silk Road so as to push the culture exchange in between bringing the Armenian culture and art to China, enhancing the mutual friendship and promoting the art development of two countries.