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Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between NNU and NJIT

On the afternoon of October 29th, 2019, Lixin Tian, vice president of Nanjing Normal University(NNU) met with Joel S. Bloom, president of the New Jersey Institute of Technology(NJIT), seven members of their delegation, including Kenneth Alexo Jr, vice president for Development and Alumni Relations, Simon Niens, vice president of NJIT, Zhipeng Yan, vice provost of the School of Management, Qiang Tang, an assistant professor from the Department of Computer Science and Jie Zhang, director of the China Office.

Lixin Tian welcomed the delegation to NNU and gave an introduction to its time-honored history, university size and priority academic programs, along with the the state of communication and cooperation on education with American universities during the recent years. Lixin Tian hoped that this would start a new chapter of cooperation between NNU and NJIT on the joint fronts of training of students, study abroad programs, and exchange visits of teachers. He also stated the expectation that cooperation in a real sense could be developed with the co-construction of cooperative institutes and joint scientific research, especially in the fields of environmental science, food science and engineering.

On behalf of the delegation, Joel S. Bloom firstly extended his gratitude for the warm hospitality of NNU, then he briefly introduced the university size and priority academic programs of NJIT. In his words, the potential for cooperation between NNU and NJIT was great. The diversified cooperation and communication of the two universities would certainly be pushed forward as well after the signing of the memorandum of understanding.

Later, the memorandum of understanding between our university and NJIT was signed.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology, founded in 1881, is a famous public comprehensive university located in the United States. After 138 years of development, it has become one of the top engineering and technical universities in the USA, and it is also recognized as one of the best research universities. The university is divided into six colleges, with 53 undergraduate degrees, 66 master's and doctorate degree programs, and shares a mutual credit awarding system with the prestigious public Ivy League and Rutgers University, which is one of the American universities in the Big Ten Conference.

Relevant leaders from the School of Environment, the School of Food Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering and the International Exchange Office from our university attended the meeting.