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School leaders meet with the delegation of principals from the Mulgrave School of Canada

On the morning of October 28th, 2019, the vice president of NNU, Lixin Tian, met with the delegation of principals from Mulgrave School on the Suiyuan campus. The delegation consisted of five members, including Principal John Welley, Principal Karin Mitchell of the primary school department, and Vice Principal Elizabeth Calderon.

Lixin Tian then gave a warm welcome to them and an introduction to NNU and the new progress in international cooperation and exchange that has occurred in recent years focusing on the development of NNU's discipline of education, teacher training, faculty training, educational social services and other areas of work with foreign parties. He hoped that as a result of this visit, the ways and means of cooperation between the two schools, in terms of teacher training and students' overseas teaching practice, could be explored.

John Welley thanked NNU for its warm reception and gave a basic introduction and talked about the strengths of Mulgrave School. He said that he welcomed students from NNU to come visit and practice teaching in Mulgrave School, and looked forward to future visits, exchanges and cooperation between Mulgrave School and NNU in terms of education philosophy and technology.

It is an important part of NNU’s international exchange and cooperation strategy to strengthen the understanding and dissemination of Chinese culture, promote international cultural exchanges and expand the platform of cross-cultural exchange and cooperation. In order to further promote international cultural exchange, NNU has taken books as the media and culture as a bridge so that more people outside of China can understand Chinese educational practices and Chinese culture. Also, to introduce the publishing house of NNU and to showcase the excellent books published by NNU, a book donation ceremony was held by NNU with Mulgrave School as the recipient. NNU’s publishing house presented 28 copies and 199 volumes of Chinese books to Mulgrave School, including children’s books, primary school books, middle school students’ books and teachers’ books. The content covers a wide range of topics including education, history, literature and other subjects, as well as the works of Wenxuan Cao, Xiaoqing Fan, Feiyu Bi and other literary masters. Mulgrave School includes the teaching of Chinese Language in its curriculum, so it attaches great importance to helping students understand Chinese culture through the use of teaching materials from China, and helping teachers understand common education practices in China by promoting the exchange of teaching materials and books.

Relevant leaders of Nanjing Normal University Press, the School of Education Science at NNU, the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of NNU and a Jiangsu TV station attended the meeting.