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Saint Patrick's Day in NNU

People don’t have to go to Ireland to enjoy the party atmosphere of Saint Patrick’s Day, as there’s plenty going on right here in Nanjing Normal University. St Patrick's Day celebrations took place in Xinbei Concert Hall on March 15. The Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief of Ireland Sean Canney, Ireland ambassador to China Paul Kavanagh, Irish consul general in Shanghai Li He and other members of Irish delegation attended the opening ceremony with NNU president Minqiang Hu and NNU vice president Baiqi Pan.
The St Patrick's Day events included singing and dancing. Characterized by the strong charm of Irish beauty, the start of the opening ceremony brought the audience a high standard show of Irish traditional culture through the performance of CnocnaGaoithe band consisting of 10 musicians and terpsichorean from western Ireland, County Clare. They performed a series of active and colorful music pieces, songs and dances. The ceremony reached to a small climax with CnocnaGaoithe’s full presentation on the perfect combination of the vibrancy of tap dance Hornpiepe and the special melody of the most ancient instrument Uilleann pipes. Teachers and students from NNU School of Music also extended their warm welcome to the distinguished guests coming from afar through the performance of Song of Welcome for Guests and The Grapes Are Ripe. Teachers and students presented were all captivated by the fusion of the western and eastern musical culture.

Minqiang Hu stressed that the visit of the five Irish universities provided students a face-to-face communication channel enabling them to learn more about the Irish universities and widen the international view as well as to help them find a right direction for future study and development. Irish CnocnaGaoithe band brought the traditional Irish music and dance. NNU students shared the unique characteristic of Chinese folk music. Such kind of mingling of the western and eastern communication on music and dancing became an unforgettable part of campus memory for everybody.

Sean Canney stated in his speech that there are many commons between Ireland and China. Ireland and China  both have a long history of five thousand years of ancient civilization. During the visit, he was amazed at the ancient city Nanjing and charmed by the Chinese culture. National University of Ireland excels at the nineteen majors for research worldwide from the area of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences to Humanities. During the speech, he extended his warm welcome to the young active and intelligent NNU students to pursue a further study there. 

After the conclusion of the music and culture show, the representatives of the Trinity College Dublin, The University Of Limerick, Dublin City University, Mary Immaculate College and Waterford institute of technology gave their introduction of the school history reform and special discipline, etc. to the NNU students respectively. During the session, representatives and students made active interaction with each other and answered questions raised by NNU students.