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Professor Bo Li gives a speech at ‘2018 United Nations Chinese Language Day’

t_235223_867152.jpgOn April 20th, a series of events were held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to celebrate “2018 United Nations Chinese Language Day”. Professor Bo Li from Nanjing Normal University School of Chinese Language and Literature was invited to give a keynote speech at the celebration.

In a speech titled “Aspiration and Interest --- the Chinese Spirit Behind Chinese Poetry”, Professor Bo Li analyzed the connotation and values of the Chinese spirit behind Chinese poetry based on 2 poems both named “Moss” and written by Yuan Mei, a Qing Dynasty poet, also known as “the owner of Suiyuan” Professor Bo Li found the ethos of Chinese civilization from the little poems and introduced Suiyuan and Suiyuan Culture to the world, giving an enlightening and lively lecture on the history and cultural connotation of “the most beautiful campus in the east”.  

Professor Bo Li discussed that as early as the 1770s, Yuan Mei, the owner of Suiyuan, had already begun to enroll female students publicly, which was over 50 years earlier than Mount Holyoke College, the first recognized female school build in the United States in 1830s. 

t_235310_649971_0.jpgProfessor Bo Li used simple and vivid language to explain profound theories. Both the elegance of Chinese poetry and the insights of real life could be heard in his speech. As the only keynote speech in the celebration, it received critical acclaim from the audience. Haitao Wu, China's deputy permanent representative to the UN thought highly of professor Bo Li’s speech and expressed sincere gratitude to him. Several UN Under-Secretary Generals and UN Headquarters’ staff members from other countries also attended the celebrations.

During this visit, Professor Bo Li gave a keynote speech titled “Life Wisdom in Sinology” at the State University of New York, which was also highly praised. He was also interviewed by Sinovision.