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“Painting the Beauty of Life”: NNU’s 16th annual mental health education month exhibition and the ninth square psychological fair are held

NNU’s 16th Annual Mental Health Education Month Exhibition and the Ninth Square Psychological Fair were held at Nanjing Normal University (NNU) on the afternoon of May 23, 2018.

The theme “Painting the Beauty of Life” is designed to call all college students to be actively self-focused, to care for others and to cherish their lives.

These two annual events feature “psychological expositions”, “psychological lectures”, “psychological class meetings”, “psychological stress relief workshops”, “colorful paintings”, “psychological group support”, “guardian angels” and other activities, and because of the diversity of the activities offered, are very popular among the students.

The exhibition and fair attracted more than two thousand participants. Minqiang Hu, Secretary of NNU Committee of CPC and Youlian Sun, vice president of NNU were present. Other participants included mental-health counselors from NNU and other universities throughout China.

After nearly one month’s careful planning and preparation, NNU’s Students’ Union of psychology together with the Graduate Students’ Union displayed the achievements of the mental health education activities, promoted the concept of mental health education and elaborately prepared a wealth of interesting psychological activities which attracted a large number of students to participate.

“It is a good way to help me better understand and develop myself. And I think these activities are beneficial for our physical and psychological health. It teaches us how to appreciate others and embrace everyday with a positive attitude,” one student said.

Teachers and students shared their happy moments in their life by writing down notes on the “Message Board of Happy Memories”. The teachers and students attending the activities jointly released balloons full of good wishes and expectations. Students were engaged in on-site sign language teaching and all the diversified activities designed by different schools and a constant stream of students asked for help in the Psychological Counseling Area of the square.

“I would like to thank all the teachers for your unremitting efforts on improving students’ mental health. These psychological activities play a positive role in students’ campus life. Students are encouraged to participate and it is a good opportunity for them to discover and improve things about themselves and learn how to communicate, share and cooperate,” Youlian Sun said in her speech.

“NNU will continue to provide thoughtful services and help for students so as to guide them in establishing a scientific outlook towards mental health and improve their psychological well-being,” Youlian Sun added.