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NNU’s top 10 stories of the year 2017

  1. Nanjing Normal University (NNU) was given the honor of “Double First-Class” university (a project with the goal of establishing world-class universities and first-class disciplines in China) and awarded the “Jiangsu Top University” project; Geography was chosen as a “first-class discipline” to be developed to be unparalleled in the world
  2. The leadership held the Sixteenth NNU CPC Congress and elected the new CPC committee and discipline inspection committee. NNU CPC committee welcomed a new round of inspections done by the Jiangsu provincial CPC committee.
  3. Materials Science was among the top 1% of the ESI worldwide, seven professors were included in the list of Elsevier China's highly-cited scholars.
  4. Three were selected as distinguished professors in the “Yangtze River Scholar Program” held by the Ministry of Education, one was included on the list of the first group of “National Danian Huang-style Teaching Teams in Institutions of Higher Learning” (Danian Huang is a professor of noble character and high prestige who has contributed a lot to education in China). Professor Jie Lu, Professor Xiaomin Zhu and many other alumni were elected contemporary educators.
  5. NNU successfully applied for one National Key Research and Development Project and two National Science and Technology Major Projects; 54 projects were supported by “The National Social Science Fund of China”, breaking a new record in the total number of projects awarded; NNU won one Book Prize of the Fourth China Government Publishing Award and the First Prize of the “Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology) for University Scientific Research” initiated by the Ministry of Education.
  6.  “Yuyue Group” donated 50-million-yuan to NNU, the largest single donation NNU has ever received.
  7. Campus’ function layout was optimized. The relocation (the new location is in Xianlin North District) of the college of engineering was started and Zhongbei College, Danyang Campus was officially opened.
  8. Professor Jingjing Hou was elected to be the national CPC representative for the third time. NNU initiated a series of special activities featuring “I and the 19th National Congress of the CPC”, which deepened the understanding of what the Congress tried to convey.
  9. In an exploration of a new disciplinary development model, NNU and NARI Group built the School of NARI Electric and Automation collaboratively. NNU and the Publicity Department of Jiangsu provincial government built the School of Marxism Studies and the School of Journalism and Communication collaboratively.
  10. Four provincial-level Collaborative Innovation Centers of NNU were all rated “A” in a performance appraisal –conducted by the Jiangsu University Collaborative Innovation Center. NNU and the Administrative Committee of Xianlin University City as well as the government of the Qixia District built both NNU Xianlin High-tech Park and NNU Qixia Technology Park collaboratively.