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NNU Undergraduates Published a Research Articleas Co-First Authorsin a High-Level International SCI Journal

Recently, two undergraduates of Nanjing Normal University (NNU), Xuntong Zhang and Jiachun Shen, from School of Chemistry and Materials Science, published a research article (Title: Interactions between Antibiotics and Graphene-Based Materials in Water: A Comparative Experimental and Theoretical Investigation) in a high-level international journalACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (TOP SCI journal;Impact Factor: 7.145; Top 5% in Category of Engineering and Technology, according to the CAS journal classification). The article is available online ( This article systematically clarified interfacial interactions between several typical antibiotics and graphene-based materials in water, via combined means of experiments and theoretical calculations. The findings were believed to provided new perspectivesfor understanding of the transport behaviors of antibiotic contaminants in water. During the anonymous peer-review period, the article gainedunanimous praise from reviewers.

Xuntong Zhang and Jiachun Shencame to study in NNU in 2014. Between them. Xuntong Zhang was admitted through independent recruitment program of NNU as First Prize winner of Chemistry Contest for High School Students of Jiangsu Province. They are just starting their junior-year in this September. To date, Xuntong Zhang has published three SCI papers in high-level journals (as first author in one of them) and participated in applying three national invention patents.Besides, he has attended high-level national academic conferences twice and published four conference papers (as first author in one of them). For these academic achievements, Xuntong Zhang said that there were several indispensable factors that he should appreciate, including guidance from teachers of hisresearch group, convenience of a high-level scientific research platform provided by School of Chemistry and Materials Science, and excellent studying environment of NNU.

When it comes to the future, Xuntong Zhang and Jiachun Shen said they wouldspare no effort to improve themselves and place more attention in further study and research, in order to contribute more to both our university and our country.