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NNU to co-build science park with Qixia District Government

On January 19th, 2018 the Nanjing Qixia District Conference on Innovation and Development was held, during which an agreement of cooperation was signed between Nanjing Normal University and the Qixia District Government to co-build a branch of the NNU Science Park in the Qixia district. The deputy secretary of the NNU Committee of the CPC and Vice President Limin Zhang, secretary of the Qixia District Committee of the CPC Zhengjun Xing, District Mayor Hui li, director of the District People’s Congress Bo Chen, chairman of the District CPPCC Baiying Yang, member of the CPC District Standing Committee and Executive Deputy District Mayor Wei Qian, member of the CPC District Standing Committee and Deputy District Mayor Zhen Wan, deputy director of the Nanjing Development Zone Yinlong Shen, deputy inspector of the Xianlin University Town Management Committee LiweiGai and others attended this conference.

During the signing ceremony hosted by Hui Li, the Cooperation Framework Agreement on Co-building the Qixia Campus of the NNU Science Park was signed by Limin Zhang and Zhen Wan on behalf of NNU and the Qixia district. Both sides have placed high expectations for the project and expressed good wishes for its success.

In his speech, Limin Zhang noted that NNU was duty-bound to promote the innovation and development of Nanjing. The continued strategic cooperation between NNU and the Qixia district will be a golden opportunity for NNU to become a top-level university. As the first university to have a branch campus in Xianlin, NNU received enormous support from the Qixia district government and the Xianlin University Town Management Committee, and as a result experienced substantial progress and obtained new achievements from this partnership. The achievements made by the synergic development among all disciplines including the Humanities, Science and Engineering have laid a solid foundation for the promotion of creativity and service. NNU will center on the “development of research projects and institutes with close cooperation between the university and the community” in the present and in the future. Also NNU, by taking this chance, will focus on creativity and make a greater contribution to the development of the Qixi district, Nanjing and Jiangsu so as to achieve the goal – “power, prosperity, beauty and prominence” for all of Jiangsu Province.

This project is another important collaboration between the university and the community since NNU will co-build another campus of its Science and Innovation Park with the help of the Xianlin University Town Management Committee in the Qixia district. NNU, by taking this chance, will endeavor to promote creativity and aid the transformation of the results from cutting-edge research into practice by building a science park with NNU characteristics, furthering the synergistic development between the university and the district so as to achieve a win-win scenario for everyone involved.