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NNU team shines at the Dragon Boat Invitational Competition

On May 27th, the Dragon Boat Invitational Competition for colleges and universities in Xianlin that jointly organized by People’s Government of Qixia District, Xianlin University City Management Committee and Xianlin Tech City Development League was held onYangshan Lake in Xianlin University City and the team of Nanjing Normal University had a good performance in the race. NNU deputy party secretary Jian Wang and vice president Xuyu Zhang has attended the activity and expressed their solicitude to the athletes from NNU. Teams from 11 colleges and universities took part in the race, including Nanjing University, Southeast University, Nanjing Normal University, Hohai University, Nanjing University of Technology, Nanjing Forest Police College, Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology, Nanjing University of Science& Technology Zijin College, Nanjing Audit University Jinshen College and Nanjing Technician College.

Zibi Zhao, deputy director of Xianlin University City Management Committee, pointed in the opening speech that enriching spiritual and cultural life of local residents and developing their cultural productivity are important work in the construction of Xianlin University City. He also said that the Dragon Boat Invitational was becoming a well-known brand event in Jiangsu province and a beautiful sight in Xianlin University City. Then, representatives of athletes and refereesmade speeches and took oaths. After the traditional “Eye Point” ritual, the dragon boat race officially began.

NNU’s dragon boat team, composed of teachers and students from School of Physics and Technology, was formed rapidly on short notice and actively carried out training.Although unfamiliar with the dragon boat race at the beginning, team members trained so hard that they reached competitive level within a month.In the race, our athletes were fighting together as one and boasting the strong spirit of NNU students. Finally, NNU’s team won the second prize in200m straight race and the sixth prize in 500m straight race, as well as the Best Organization Award.