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NNU Successfully Organized The 21st “FLTRP Cup” National English Debating Competition (eastern China division)

photo by Yangchenxi Wang

 From April 5th to 7th, 2018, Nanjing Normal University successfully organized the 21st “Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) Cup” National English Debating Competition (eastern China division), which selected the best debaters from eastern China to compete in the national final debating competition to be held in Beijing in May.

It was the first time that NNU hosted this competition and welcomed over 300 guests from 109 universities. More than 70 enthusiastic NNU volunteers devotedly helped organize the competition. Also, NNU was honorably named as “The Demonstration Base of English Critical Thinking Education”

Originally started by the FLTRP, this debating competition has been held once a year since 1997, aiming at enhancing students’ critical thinking and to expand their global view. Throughout the past 20 years this competition has cultivated more and more extraordinary debaters and has received top accolades worldwide.

Different from traditional Chinese debate, British Parliament (BP) debate has four teams of two debaters representing the government and opposition sides, which are also divided into opening and closing houses. It requires each debater to illustrate his statement with logic and facts within 7 minutes in English. Each of these teams competes against all other teams and will be ranked 1stthrough 4th at the conclusion of the debate.

After 5 rounds of intense competition, 4 debate groups, including NNU, Fudan University (FDU), Shanghai International Studies University(SISU) and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), stood out among 109 groups competing, and reached the final round of the eastern China divisional competition.

The final round began at 2pm, April 7th, at the east library hall. The final’s motion: This House Regrets the characterization of overcoming disease as a fight the patient must win. Professor Zhaoxia Tian, a vice dean of The School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, said,“ this motion grasps one of the most controversial topics of our society and led to a heated discussion in the debate.”

Debaters focused on the doctor-patient relationship and the welfare and rights of the patient, showing abundant knowledge on the subject and deep thinking. Professor Tian also stressed, “Without close attention to current affairs, flexible critical thinking skills and tacit cooperation, this motion would be quite difficult.”

Finally, FUD won the first prize, followed by NNU, SISU and NUAA, tied for third. All four teams, as well as the other top 28 teams will join the final national debating competition in Beijing in May.

photo by Jian Cai

Yuhang Wang and Mengyao Li, students from The School of Foreign Languages and Cultures representing NNU, expressed that: “Facing these strong opponents gives us a lot of pressure, but it trains us to cope with challenges better. The most important thing is to try our best to improve ourselves, especially when we are facing different kinds of pressure. Hopefully wewill be able to handle the pressure even better in the next competition because of this experience.” Also, they have high expectations and a detailed plan for the upcoming national final debating competition in May.