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NNU students shine in five language-related contests

nan_shi_da_3.jpgDuring the five language-related contests held between October and November the students from Nanjing Normal University were on fire! The outstanding performances of the graduate students and undergraduates from the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures earned recognition from the judges.

On October 21st, Jinxin Chen, a senior majoring in Italian and English was awarded the third prizein the Fourth University “Italia Ciao 2017” Language Showheld at the Italian Embassy in China.

“This is really a language feast. It is more like a language game which is creative and thought-provoking. It is both a challenge and good fun.” Chen said.

What makes the contest different from others in the past is its focus on the competitors’ comprehensive language ability, which presents an audio-visual feast for the audience. In the first section, Chen interpreted the topic “L’italiano al cinema, I’italianonel cinema” (the Italian in the films worldwide) with a combination of poetry, opera and a movie soundtrack in an innovative way by which his excellence in language usage was well presented. In the second quiz show section, he answered questions ranging from movies to history and literature with quick wit and proficient language skills. Teacher Yan Peng provided guidance for him during the contests.

From November 2nd to the 4th, Yiyu Wang, a sophomore majoring in translation became the champion in the “FLTRP Cup” English Public Speaking Contest (Jiangsu province) ——“Uchallenge”. Yuran Li, a junior majoring in French and English, and Zifan Li, a sophomore majoring in English and French were awarded the first prize and third prize respectively. The contest was held at Changzhou University.

“Critical thinking, innovation and a global perspective are must-have skills in the competition. It is not the prize I won that matters most, but the learning process that I experienced.” Yiyu Wang said.

The contest is divided into two parts, the first part is a prepared speech entitled “China, a global view” and the second part is comprised of an impromptu speech and a debate contest. Teacher Qiuyan Zheng and Yun Lin are their instructors. As the most participated, large-scale and top English speaking contest in China, “FLTRP Cup” is organized by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press together with the College English TeachingAdvisory Board under the Ministry of Education, the ELT Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education and the National Research Center for Foreign Language Education.

On November 4th, Yiyin Wang won the third prize (Spanish consecutive interpretation) in the Tenth “AEON Cup” NationalMultilingual Language Interpretation Contest at Beijing International Studies University. This contest is jointly organized by the Translators Association of China and Beijing International Studies University.

“For me, it’s more like a journey of language exchange, it isso exciting to have the opportunity to compete with so many outstanding participants. And the judges’ professional suggestions gave me a lot of inspiration.” Wang said.

On November 11th, Qi Zheng, a senior majoring in French was awarded the second prize in the final of the “FLTRP Cup” French Public Speaking Contest at Renmin University of China in Beijing.

“My learning experience at NNU provided me with confidence and an international outlook which helped me tremendously in delivering my speech. I’m happy that I could overcome the challenges. And I know there is still a long way ahead to go. I really appreciate the help of Professors Qun Zhang, Xuezhi Song and foreign teacher Tiana Randriambololona.” Zheng said.

During the contest, Zheng expressed her unique idea on the two topics ——“Réflexions sur l'esprit d'équipe” (Reflection on team spirits) and “Ce que jepense de la civilization française” (My thoughts on French civilization). This contest is jointly sponsored by the French TeachingAdvisory Board, the College English TeachingAdvisory Board under the Ministry of Education and China’s French Teaching Research Association, and organized by Renmin University of China.

From November 17th to the 18th, four graduate students majoring in MTI (Masters of Translation and Interpretation) presented their excellent language skills in the First English Translation Contest for Graduate Students in Jiangsu Province at Southeast University in Nanjing. Weijie Gu and Li Wang were awarded the first prize and second prize in the interpretation group respectively. Ye Huang and Lin Liu were awarded the first prize and second prize in the written translation group respectively.

“It's of great pleasure to see my years of persistence pay off. Also, I'm very grateful to NNU and all my teachers for always supporting me and giving me opportunities. Weijie Gu said.

“The contest is a good platform for graduate students in Jiangsu to exchange translation experience and to improve oneself. Winning the first prize
provides great encouragement for me to stimulate my further study and development in translation.”Ye Huang said.

As one part of the series activities of the First Jiangsu Graduate Student Innovation Practice, this contest is sponsored by China National Committee for Translation & Interpreting Education and organized by Southeast University.