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NNU provides a creative cloud platform for education

Nanjing Normal University developed a cloud education platform named “hand in hand e-study”, which has covered half of primary schools in Danyang, Jiangsu province.

This cloud education system contains several modules such as course management, real-time class, micro-class management, homework management and homework analysis. Before class, teachers will push prerecorded micro-class videos to students’ PADs; during class, students confronted with difficulties can do exercises on their PADs and send feedbacks to the teacher in real time; after class, students can upload photos of their homework for teachers to check.

“Micro-classes are 5-10 minutes short videos recorded according to the key points in each unit by excellent teachers of all disciplinesselected by the Danyang Education Bureau,” said Xiaoxia Yang, a fifth grade math teacher. There are over 10 teachers involved in the video recording of each discipline. The day before class, teachers will push micro-class videos to students’ PADs for them to preview.

“Parents don’t have to be bothered about our micro-class and dictation because we can find out mistakes ourselves and will never make the same mistake again,” said Jiayu Chao, a fifth grade student.

The “hand in hand e-study” education supporting project, developed by NNU and the Danyang Teacher Development Center, is on the basis of“multi-tasking mixed precise teaching based on cloud education platform” put forward by NNU School of Education Science professor Ruwei Yun’s team. So far, the educational reform experiment of this cloud education system has been carried out in primary and middle schools in Danyang for over 2 years and the “NNU xuezheng” cloud education platformhas been developed successfully, obtaining 5 national invention patents and 8 software copyrights. The whole key stage resources construction of primary school Chinese, math and English has been finished and classroom teaching modes of different class type have been established.

“NNU will also conduct comprehensive training for teachers in primary and middle schools in Danyang and promotes classroom teaching reform based on ’Internet plus education’ so that students can adapt to the development of the internet and become efficient learners.”Professor Ruwei Yun said.

NNU Vice President Xuyu Zhang hopes that through this project, NNU’s scientific research achievements in teaching reformcan be applied to the primary and middle school teaching in Danyang and outstanding student volunteers in NNU can be introduced to Danyang to conduct teaching practice. He also wants to offer tele-monitoring to students who have difficulty in learning by “NNU•xuezheng” cloud education platform in order to solve their problems in time, working hard to build a cloud education and teaching reform demonstration zone and promoting this mode to the whole Jiangsu province.

Through this education supporting project, NNU will cooperate with the anyang Teacher Development Center and organize outstanding young teachers in Danyang to conduct special resources construction that fits for local situation based on the existing high quality resources on Therefore, when having difficulty in learning at school, students can further their studies at home by various digital resources such as micro-class.