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NNU Professor She Liu and alumni Weishan Wu and Hui Shang receive 2017 Phoenix Art Awards

On the evening of September 22, the first Phoenix Art Exhibition-Phoenix Night, was held at the Fenghuang Ancient City, Hunan Province. Nanjing Normal University Professor She Liu and alumni Weishan Wu and Hui Shang received 2017 Phoenix Art Awards

Professor She Liu, the dean of NNU School of Fine Arts and a doctoral supervisor, received the Best Freehand Ink Painting Award. Among all New Ink painters, She Liu’s art practice is special. In one hand, his art is rooted in the tradition of literati paintings and he experiments on new pattern and new styles. In another, he absorbs the tradition of western art to promote Chinese art and puts an emphasis on self-promotion. Virtually, the core and intention of She Liu’s New Ink paintings is based on a self-visual experience referring to traditional techniques to accomplish the transformation of traditional brushwork into contemporary ones. She Liu’s New Ink art is a proof of the value of modern Oriental aesthetics.

Weishan Wu, an alumnus of School of Fine Arts of NNU and the curator of the National Art Museum of China received the Best Sculpture Art Award. In the sculpture circles of China, Weishan Wu’s ideas and practice of “freehand sculpture” not only answered the major theoretical questions of today’s sculpture creation and formed a theory system of Shangyi aesthetics, but also gave new directions for the future of contemporary sculpture. At the same time, Weishan Wu is an active promoter for the internationalization of Chinese contemporary sculpture. In his effort, freehand sculpture goes beyond national boundaries and ethnic restrictions, becoming a universal aesthetic pursuit and cultural orientation.

Hui Shang, an alumnus of School of Fine Arts of NNU and executive editor of the Art magazine received the Best Art Critic Award. As a famous theorist, critic and curator, Hui Shang’s academic research ranges from art history, art criticism and contemporary art to Chinese painting, oil painting and applied arts. Like author, like book, Hui Shang’s critiques are not based on the national culture position but also on the encyclopedia global vision. In short, clear-cut problem consciousness, dispassionate sharp reasoning, impartial precise judgment are all elements of his art criticism, which are all indications of his achievements.