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NNU Open Day is coming sunday June 10, 2018

NNU University Open Day lets you explore the beautiful campuses and excellent facilities, whilst learning about the majors you are interested in and what specific courses are offered. You can also see a selection of the university’s accommodations and speak directly with the students and staff. Activities at NNU Open Day are to be mainly held on Xianlin Campus.

What happens at the Open Day? 

There are some interesting activities which you can join in at the Open Day. Each academic major will have a display showcasing what they offer in the courtyard of the Xuezheng Building. You can go there and have a look at whatever interests you. There will also be organized tours of the campus every hour which will begin at the western entrance of the courtyard of the Xueming Building. You can visit some special places on campus during the tour. The Open Day runs from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Special places you can visit on campus:

Nanjing Normal University Library
Nanjing Normal University Library was established in 1952. It has more than 3 million copies, including education, literature, science, arts and other disciplines collections.

Nanjing Normal University Sports Center
Equipped with advanced facilities for exercising, the Nanjing Normal University Sports Center covers an area of 23,000 square meters. It can be conveniently reached by six public buses that go directly to the destination and a Metro Line 2 stop is only a few miles away. The Sports Center consists of two gyms, one of which is designated as a competition venue (A) and the other is a comprehensive training gym (B). Many national-level and international-level sports competitions and artistic performance have been held in the sports center.


Moon Lake
Moon Lake is located in front of the Xianlin Hotel in the eastern part of Xianlin campus. It covers a vast area and is a very important component of Nanjing Normal University’s ecosystem playing a prominent role in the regulation and influence of its microclimate. Black swans can also be seen paddling in the lake.


Do you want to know what college is like? Do you want to know more about college life? Do you want to find answers to more questions on your mind? The 2018 Open Day in Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University is waiting for you to attend.