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NNU Held the Opening Ceremony of the 20th “Month of Technology and Culture for Postgraduates”

In the afternoon of April 11, 2018 the opening ceremony of the 20th “Month of Technology and Culture for Postgraduates” and an academic lecture given by a Changjiang Scholar were held on the Suiyuan campus of Nanjing Normal University. President Guoxiang Chen;Conglai Fan, distinguished professor of the Changjiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education and assistant to the president of Nanjing University; previous vice president Baiqi Pan; Vice President Youlian Sun; Lianhong Zhang, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and director of the Office of CPC Publicity and Guodong Ben, a member of the Standing Committee and director of the Office of the CPC Organization and the Office of the CPC United Front attended the ceremony. Representatives of outstanding alumni, faculty members from NNU and postgraduates from both NNU and peer institutions were also present.

In his opening remarks, Guoxiang Chen pointed out that during 20 years of development, NNU has kept introducing new activities during the “Month of Technology and Culture for Postgraduates”, forming an important communication platform that has cultivated innovative talent and helped our students improve their capabilities for innovation for scientific research. He stressed that the fundamental task of postgraduate education at NNU was to establish high moral values and cultivate people to benefit society. With the aim of meeting requirements and improving quality, NNU has set up an all-dimensional quality assurance system and held a variety of technological innovation activities, through which our students can enhance their ability of learning, innovating and practicing. NNU will continue to establish the “Double First-rate” (first-rate university with first-rate disciplines in the world) on the basis of first-rate postgraduate education. Guoxiang Chen also encouraged students to carry forward the spirit of meticulosity, tenacity and innovation to open up a new era with their hard work and big dreams.

During the ceremony, outstanding alumni reminisced about previous “Month of Technology and Culture for Postgraduates” programs with deep gratitude for classmates, teachers, NNU and their youth.

After the ceremony, Professor Conglai Fan gave a lecture entitled “Pro-poor Growth and Exploration of Common Prosperity in China”. He elaborated the lecture from the following aspects: sharing the fruits of development and sharing the development; enriching people: a slogan or the nature of system; achieving prosperity for some so as to achieve prosperity for all and so on. Professor Fan pointed out that after the people prospered first then helped others to get rich we got rid of “the low-income trap”, after this time period our country transformed this development strategy to a new one, that is, our development is for the people and by the people and the fruits of development are shared among the people. He also described in detail about the “pro-poor growth” and that its necessary condition is price stability; its basic orientation is full employment; its main channels are innovation and entrepreneurship and its key point is a minimum wage system.

With the theme of “strengthening academic exchange and opening up a new era”, this year’s “Month of Technology and Culture for Postgraduates” program encouraged over ten thousand postgraduates at NNU to join a series of activities for “My Academic Road” and “Highlight Activities”. During the past 20 years, innumerable NNU postgraduates have worked hard to promote the development of science and education in our country. Now they stand on the shoulders of predecessors and have come to a new starting point to develop even further. As a university having over hundred years of history, NNU will continue to impart knowledge of ancient sages and set sail to a new era.

As one of the academic activities in the 20th “Month of Technology and Culture” program, “i•Search”, an information retrieval competition, was launched in April 12nd at the Xianlin campus of NNU. This competition aims to enhance students’ information-obtaining capacity through online quizzes, subject retrieval and review.