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NNU held a well-received on-campus job fair

On March 31, 2018,when so many different kinds of flowers were in full bloom along the main road on the Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University, passels of fresh graduates were heading towards the school stadium, carrying résumés with them. In the stadium was a large-scale on-campus job fair, offering a wide variety of job opportunities.

This job fair was hosted by the Enrollment and Employment Service Center for Jiangsu Universities and organized by Nanjing Normal University. According to the officials in the University’s enrollment office, holding job fairs in spring and autumn for graduating students has been the University’s long-established tradition. This time the job fair attracted a total of 343 enterprises, among which were schools, educational institutions, technology companies, newspapers and so on.

It is the first time ever that the high school affiliated with Shandong University attended the job fair held at the university. The manager, Jie Yang, said that this job fair gave a good first impression, all members of the organization committee are very friendly and students are very passionate. He also expressed his confidence in attracting qualified candidates, since education is an advanced subject at Nanjing Normal University.

Throngs of students lingered in front of company tables. We talked with Cuiyan Yang, a student from the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, just after her being interviewed by Suning Appliance, a Nanjing-based Fortune 500 company. She said that the school has provided students with “a good chance to have face-to-face interviews with employers”. She then quickly headed to her next prospect. Ming Yu, from the School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering said that he intended to submit about 10 copies of his résumé. “It is highly efficient,” he explained.

Anping Yun, vice director of the Department of Student Affairs, said he chose this specific date because it was after most students had been informed of the results of the Graduate Student Entrance Examination and the Civil Service Exam, so it could better help students seeking employment find a satisfactory post. “60% of our graduates will seek further study at home and abroad, but the other 40% will directly go searching for a job. This is a great way to enhance information exchange between job seekers and employers, especially since 23% of our students are from families with economic difficulties. Once they find a job, their whole family can have the hope of getting out of poverty become a reality. Therefore, employment is also a livelihood issue to which we should give serious consideration,” he said. He further introduced that there would be another on-campus job fair tailored for freshmen, sophomores and juniors to find internships, through which students can gain hands-on experience unavailable at the university.