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NNU Fall 2018 Sports Meet: a delightful color on the campus

The 56th NNU Fall Sports Meet took place beginning on November 2nd 2018, lasting for two days on the Xianlin campus. NNU president Guoxiang Chen, vice president Jiusheng Li, Deputy Secretary of NNU Committee of CPC Hongbo Shang, vice president Lixin Tian, Kangsheng Fu, Xuyu Zhang attended the event. 

At eight in the morning, the opening ceremony startedon time with an announcement from the university’s president Guoxiang Chen. Beginning with the School of Chinese Language and Literature, 28 Schools in total marched past the rostrum one by one. Each school, by wearing clothes of different colors and styles, showed off their majors and enthusiasm for the event. After all the performances, the vice president Youlian Sun gave a speech giving encouragement and setting out the expectations to the athletes. Then, Changning Zhang, a student representative from the School of Sports Science and Physical Education, carried out combatant spirit to all the members on the track. The referee's representative then took the oathon the rostrum. Before the sports competition started, dozens of students who were specially selected ahead of time, gave several wonderful performances as part of the opening ceremony.

Dannie Wei and Cheng Guo, international students from Ecuador and Russia, expressed their fondness for the opening ceremony. They said: “This is the first time for us to participate in a sports meet in China. This morning, we prepared a lot to march representing the International College for Chinese Studies. We liked the opening ceremony. It was wonderful!”

During the sports event, all the students displayed their athletic talents and high spirits. Yangming Wang, a student in the International College of Chinese Studies from Tajikistan, having just finished his 10*80-metre relay race said, “I was not so nervous before the race, because I’ve always kept the habit of jogging. Before I came to NNU, I liked to jog around the track every day.” It was not the first time for him to take part in a race. “I have competed in some races in Tajikistan, and I always enjoyed participating in them.”

The first champion of the field events came from the high jump (for female) on the morning of Nov. 2. Shuang Cao, a graduate student fromthe school of computer science and technology, took first place in the event. She has showed her great passion for the high jump ever since she was an undergraduate. “I was trained as an amateur for several months with my friends who majored in sports science. So I had nothing to worry about before the meet. The only thing I was concerned about was whether I couldsummon up the energy to get my expected score or not.”After consecutive turns of fierce competition with the runner-up, she finally took the gold medal. “That was an amazing learning experience,” she said.

Notably, the returning of the three “volleyball goddesses”—Ruoqi Hui,Changning Zhang and Xiangyu Gong really excited all of the NNUers which energized the athletes causing them to achieve a better result. “The power of sports is the happiness it can bring us,” Changning Zhang said during the opening ceremony.