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New Year's Gala brings excitement

It has become a tradition in Nanjing Normal University to watch the New Year's Gala on New Year's Eve. This year, the NNU 2017 new year gala was held at the music hall in the NNU Zhongbei Concert Hall.

The gala was the combination of west and east, ancient and modern time decorated with teacher-student joint performance on singing and dancing, which conveyed best new year wishes to the audience. The excellent performance won the warm applause from the audience. The dancing of Swan Geese and the Place Where I was Born and Grew expressed the idea that wherever we were, NNU was the place we loved most and sent NNU a bright future through its beautiful acts. The singings of When I Grow Up, I Became You, Building the Chinese Dream, and Send You the Dream of Spring conveyed the NNUers deep love to the country between the lyrics. Overseas student from Zambia fulfilled the gala with exotic features through their dancing and singing. Youthful flair was presented all around the gala with instrumental music performance of The Fragrant Jasminc, New Horse Racing, Shang He Tu. The progress of the gala gradually unfolded a living painting of harmony and energy. At the end of the gala, all the NNU leaders and officers brought a chorus of the NNU Anthem in a loud and powerful voice pushing the festival to the highest point with a perfect closing.

Ruoqi Hui, the champion for the Olympics, member of the China women’s national volleyball team and student of NNU School of Sports Science and Physical Education, extended her new-year wish to all the NNU teachers and students at the gala. With the song of Red flag Fluttering, she signed the name on ten volleyballs and gave them to the teachers and students present. The audience was all excited with laugh when Ruoqi Hui threw the balls to them as the gifts.

NNU wishes you a happy new year!