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MY Studio’s MV: Hometown Craftsmen was awarded Excellence in Production in Jiangsu Province’s Fifth Cyber Culture Awards Ceremony

wei_biao_ti_-1_2.jpgThe Jiangsu Province’s Fifth Cyber Culture Awards Ceremony was held by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee’s Publicity Department and the Office of Cyberspace Affairs of the Communist Party of China. My Studio’s Hometown Craftsmen, made by students and their advisors, was awarded Excellence in Production and from among all the nominations submitted only five were chosen for recognition.

The MV whose materials were collected from13 prefecture-level cities, with lyrics written by Peng Zhang, Associate Secretary of Party Committee of the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Nanjing Normal University, then translated into English by Zhaoxia Tian, a professor in the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Nanjing Normal University and designed and edited by students of MY Studio. It took them three months to produce it. This work, shot in some major cities of Jiangsu Province, attempts to pursue examples of a modern “craftsmen’s spirit” by exposing the artisans dedication to their craft and at the same time conveying the charm of traditional Chinese culture and also focusing attention on the young craftsmen’s devotion to learning thereby inheriting the skills from the seasoned artisans. Hometown Craftsmen was released on the day of the 2017 Jiangsu Development Summit and has been widely viewed on the Internet.